XRF Testing

Updated August, 2012

TheSmartMama offers XRF testing services for lead content.

I offer the services by mail and in person. The cost is $5 per test or $100 per hour. Generally, hourly rate is more cost effective. I photograph the product to be tested, and prepare a report with the photograph and the XRF test results by product part. I provide the calibration information for quality control on the XRF test report.

However, please be advised that I am not accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  The XRF testing can be used for screening products, and can also be used to demonstrate compliance with certain laws, but my XRF testing will not satisfy the requirement to have third party accredited testing under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act if that is what you need.

What is XRF Analysis?

I use a Niton XRF analyzer.  X-ray fluorescence basically involves exciting the electrons in elements and reading the characteristic energy emitted.  The Niton XRF analyzer can read lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.

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