Welcome to the new blog!

After much angst, I’m finally ready to launch the new blog. Sorry for the long delay – during the process, my site was hacked and, well, it took a bit to get the porn spam cleaned up. So, it has been a month since I posted last but I’ll be posting regularly again now! Woot!

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  1. More of a question than a comment. Are there any new regulations that you are aware of for Mercury levels under Prop 65 for Vitamins?

  2. Great blog and strong, important products! Congrats!!
    Dr Reese Halter

  3. Your blog looks fabulous! I’ve certainly been missing your blog posts and look forward to getting my fix again soon 🙂

  4. This is much better for users! Now I can right click to blockquote you (and of course, cite you) more easily. Disabling right click is awful because I have other widgets on there that I use for navigation purposes. AND, I find it’s so much easier to ferret urls without those frames so I can more easily link to specific entries. Good show! The changes are great for me, I hope you are happy with it too.

  5. It’s beautiful! You switched to WordPress! Hurray. I hated Joomla, which is what was used by an organization I volunteer for, and as soon as I took over the web site, I switched over to WordPress. And WordPress people are nice too. It was easy to find people to help me out via Twitter. Oh, and make sure you install upgrades as soon as they are released. I waited, and my site got hacked. But the guy I found through Twitter fixed it right away. I have a sugar buzz right now, which is why I am writing so much. See ya!

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