Bah humbug to America Recycles Day – Make it Zero Waste Day Instead

Today is America Recycles Day – November, 15. And just like the pinkwashing fever during October due to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, America Recycles Day brings out the grinch in me.

I say bah humbug.

No doubt recycling has benefits. But, it is vastly superior to eliminate waste in the first place. Or as much waste as possible. Instead of recycling a plastic bottle, skip the plastic bottle entirely and use a re-usable stainless steel bottle. Instead of choosing a paper or plastic bag and recycling either one of them, use reusable shopping bags at the store. Instead of using disposable plates for a party that are made out of 20% corn or post content recycled material or something, use the ceramic or glass plates you have. Instead of take out food containers, bring your own containers – many restaurants will use them (if you aren’t brown-bagging that lunch).

A day that makes you feel good about creating waste is not a day to celebrate. Not at all.

Just look at the sponsors of America Recycles Day – Waste Management (no vested interested there), Nestle Waters (boo), and others. C’monĀ – I mean really. A bottled water company sponsoring America Recycles Day? Get real.

What it should be is zero waste day. I agree with TreeHugger. I’m not buying a single disposable item today – what about you?