You know you are a green mommy blogger when . . .

Can you complete that sentence? I can. You know you are a green mommy blogger when a J. Crew ad showing a boy getting his toe nails painted leads you to wonder what is in the nail polish and whether it is a less toxic kind of nail polish as opposed to raising gender identification issues. Yes, I admit it. The J. Crew ad showing a young boy getting his toe nails painted pink raised concerns about the ingredients in the nail polish for me – not gender identification issues.

 My first reaction when seeing the ad was how happy the two of them look and how the camera captured a moment of pure glee.

My second reaction was whether the mother, Jenna Lyons, uses a less toxic nail polish like Hopscotch Kids. I hoped she wasn’t using nail polish containing toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyle phthalate.

At no point did I even think of gender identification/confusion issues, which is the issue that is being debated. Nope, I’m a green mom at heart. (And, just for the record, I think almost any 5 year old would love to paint any part of his or her body. My own son liked yellow.)