A few of my favorite things . . . .

I made a goal to post every day just recently, but I have tons of work today (my day job, gardening, canning and being a mom) and I can’t seem to focus enough to write anything coherent. So, I will just leave you with a photograph of my new favorite, best ever, wickedly delicious treat:

Preserving the Harvest – Pickled Dilly Asparagus Spears

We’ve got a small asparagus patch at the Land of Fruits and Nuts. Not really enough of a harvest to have to can, but enough to whet my husband’s appetite. So, when it goes on sale during asparagus season, I buy a bunch and make pickled dilly asparagus spears. Now, for me, the cheapest I… [Continue Reading]

Preserving the Harvest – Raspberry Chocolate Sundae Topper

It is harvest time at here at the farm. Or perhaps I should save summer harvest because it seems like I am harvesting year round. Right now, I’ve got buckets and buckets of blueberries and raspberries. Well, I have buckets as long as I beat out the peahens and the dogs. I didn’t even know… [Continue Reading]

The Smart Mama: Preparations Matter in an Emergency ~ Communications Plan

News reports of shortages in supplies in advance of the ice storm now hitting the southeast underscore the need to prepare for emergencies in advance – and not 24 hours in advance. Yes, you can plan on being able to go buy food, toilet paper, dog food, formula, shovels, generators, whatever before a storm hits… [Continue Reading]

TheSmartMama’s Guide to Surviving an Emergency – Packing a Get Home Bag for Work

To adequately prepare for an emergency situation, you have to know for what sort of emergency you are preparing.  I live in Southern California, and work outside the home.  The most likely emergency situations I will face are earthquakes and wildfires.  And, it is quite possible that these situations could occur while I am at… [Continue Reading]

Land of Fruits and Nuts – Preserving the Harvest – Day 1 – Strawberry Jam

Well, we’ve finally reached the beginning of the harvest so to speak here at the aptly named Land of Fruits and Nuts. Yep, we’ve named the “farm” the Land of Fruits and Nuts . . . we actually went through a bunch of names, the top runner being 1 Bullet, 2 Squirrels after my sister-in-law’s […]

Wild Edibles – Foraging for Dinner

So the other night I didn’t have any veggies or greens to add to our dinner. I had fruit and I had potatoes, but nothing green and bright. So I did a quick foraging expedition in our backyard – choosing both some so called weeds and some components from the garden. And I thought I […]

Los Angeles with Kids – Archery Adventure

I love how much there is to do and experience in the greater Los Angeles area. You want the beach – great. You want to go skiing – it is a relatively short drive up to the mountains. You want Hollywood,  you got it. Disneyland, we got that too. Not to mention Knott’s Berry Farm, […]

Edible Landscaping – Scented Geraniums

I got to plant some of my scented geraniums this weekend. Whoot! I love scented geraniums. They are so deliciously fragrant! You just brush against them and breathe in the wonderful scent. Crush a leaf or two and your hands will smell divine! There are so many different species and hence scents. There are apple […]

Kim Kardashian As An Earth Mama?

Last night an article on Yahoo caught my eye – the title boldly asserted Kim Kardashian – Earth Mother with her new pregnancy. I snorted my drink onto my computer screen and almost fell out of my chair laughing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am happy from Kim and wish her the best. I […]

Edible Landscaping – Miner’s Lettuce

So, if you have read any of the recent posts, you will know that we have moved to a much bigger property. You will also know that the house on the property is, well, a bit of a fixer-upper (and that is being kind). While we work on figuring out the remodel, I have been […]

Is “Being Green” The New Battle In The “Mommy Wars”?

I really hate the so-called “Mommy Wars.” I get it that every parent wants to think his or her way of parenting is best, and I get it that we wall make different choices (stay at home, work at home, or work outside of the home; stay with kids, nanny, daycare or child care; public […]