The Smart Mama: Preparations Matter in an Emergency ~ Communications Plan

News reports of shortages in supplies in advance of the ice storm now hitting the southeast underscore the need to prepare for emergencies in advance – and not 24 hours in advance. Yes, you can plan on being able to go buy food, toilet paper, dog food, formula, shovels, generators, whatever before a storm hits… [Continue Reading]

TheSmartMama’s Guide to Surviving an Emergency – Packing a Get Home Bag for Work

To adequately prepare for an emergency situation, you have to know for what sort of emergency you are preparing.  I live in Southern California, and work outside the home.  The most likely emergency situations I will face are earthquakes and wildfires.  And, it is quite possible that these situations could occur while I am at… [Continue Reading]

TheSmartMama’s Guide to Surviving an Emergency – Turning off the Gas

So we have now lived at the Land of Fruits and Nuts for a year.  Moving to the Land of Fruits and Nuts has resulted in a drastic change in my outlook.  Just dealing with the abundant harvest on 6 acres has driven me to learn to preserve the harvest – pickling, canning, dehydrating and… [Continue Reading]


Land of Fruits and Nuts – Day 9 – What the heck am I doing and cookbook porn

Okay, so today I woke up and wondered what the heck am I doing with 6 acres of land covered with fruit trees and vegetables and other stuff. How am I going to do something with the bounty? The avocados hanging on the trees mock me. We can’t sell them at a Farmer’s Market unless… [Continue Reading]


Land of Fruits and Nuts – Day 8 – Sweet Marmalade

I’m still trying to use the oranges that are hanging on – the end of the season’s crop. I’ve got fresh blooms and new fruit starting, but we haven’t harvested all of this year’s crop. Mostly because it is all just a little too overwhelming here on our farm. I mean really, I’m a suburban… [Continue Reading]

Geranium Flower Essence

Edible Landscaping – Scented Geraniums

I got to plant some of my scented geraniums this weekend. Whoot! I love scented geraniums. They are so deliciously fragrant! You just brush against them and breathe in the wonderful scent. Crush a leaf or two and your hands will smell divine! There are so many different species and hence scents. There are apple [...]


Kim Kardashian As An Earth Mama?

Last night an article on Yahoo caught my eye – the title boldly asserted Kim Kardashian – Earth Mother with her new pregnancy. I snorted my drink onto my computer screen and almost fell out of my chair laughing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am happy from Kim and wish her the best. I [...]


Edible Landscaping – Miner’s Lettuce

So, if you have read any of the recent posts, you will know that we have moved to a much bigger property. You will also know that the house on the property is, well, a bit of a fixer-upper (and that is being kind). While we work on figuring out the remodel, I have been [...]

Hot Trendy Mama

Is “Being Green” The New Battle In The “Mommy Wars”?

I really hate the so-called “Mommy Wars.” I get it that every parent wants to think his or her way of parenting is best, and I get it that we wall make different choices (stay at home, work at home, or work outside of the home; stay with kids, nanny, daycare or child care; public [...]


Buyer Beware – Junk Escrow Fees In Home Purchase

My husband and I just sold our house and bought a new one. And boy did I learn a lot. Last time I was involved in a property purchase, I didn’t pay all that much attention to the documents. Yes, I read my loan documents and understood them and read the title, but I didn’t [...]


Moving & Murphy’s Law – What can go wrong, does go wrong

Okay, so the title isn’t quite Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law is “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That being said, I like my saying better because I’m going to hope that nothing more goes wrong. In any event, the universe’s tendency towards perversity seems readily apparent when moving. So first we had running [...]


Adventures in moving . . .

As I previously posted, we’ve moved. Our new property features a run down house that we plan to fix up and 2 lots approximately 5.64 acres in total. I’ve got big dreams about creating a self sustaining homestead, but first I simply have to find my shoes. New Year’s Eve we went to a swanky [...]