Non Toxic Solutions to Clean Your Toilet

Does anybody like scrubbing toilets? I don’t think so. I mean, I certainly appreciate indoor plumbing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like cleaning the toilet bowl.

And those conventional toilet bowl cleaners have some not so nice chemicals in them. Some are made with strong acids or caustics that can cause burns on the skin. Some have synthetic scents that contain hormone disrupting phthalates.

But, an easy way to clean the toilet is to use my favorite homemade soft scrub followed with a vinegar chaser. I talked about this non toxic option for cleaning toilets on CBS’ The Talk.

So, first, to make the soft scrub. Take an empty squeeze or squirt bottle – be green and re-use a ketchup or mustard bottle (cleaned out of course) and add some baking soda. Now, how much depends on the size of your squirt bottle. Try 1/4 cup to start and add to the bottle with a funnel. Then add liquid castile soap. My fave is Dr. Bronner’s rose scented, but you can use whatever castille soap (a vegetable based liquid soap) you like. Just add until you like the consistency.

I happen to like this soft scrub a little runny. Okay, you can use the soft scrub for counters, sinks, etc. but you can also use it to clean the toilet. Just squirt up under the rim to coat the bowl (like your typical toilet bowl cleaner), let sit, and then follow with some distilled white vinegar. The vinegar and baking soda will react, cleaning your toilet without scrubbing. If your toilet is in bad shape to start, then you can just sprinkle in baking soda to start, followed with vinegar, and allow to foam for 10 minutes or so before flushing.

Another option is 2 parts Borax to 1 part lemon juice.

Here’s a video showing how to make the soft scrub if you need it:

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