Macy’s Sells Rubies With Lead Filled Glass to Unsuspecting Customers


I wanted to share with you a post I did for Los Angeles Moms Blog – Betrayed: A Sparkling Love Affair with Macy’s Is Over. (And I apologize for the typos if they haven’t been corrected yet.) I don’t know if you have seen the news reports, but the venerable Macy’s is charged with selling rubies that have lead filled glass added to them. And cubic zirconia as diamond. And other such misdeeds. The post has links to the various complaints if you are interested.

It really is disturbing to me that Macy’s would sell composite, glass filled stones as the real thing. I think you will find it just as disturbing.

I mean I understand that you can sell whatever you want for the highest price that you can get. But Macy’s did not disclose what is was selling. I know from every one of my shopping experiences at Macy’s that I have never, ever, ever been told that the stones could be composite, or could have glass filled fractures, or anything like that.

I find it even more disturbing that weeks after the story first broke on Good Morning America, Macy’s is caught doing it yet again at 3 stores by CBS 5. One of the stones that CBS 5’s undercover reporter purchases after being assured that it is real is 50% leaded glass. You would think after having gotten caught, Macy’s would have cleaned up it acts.

And then for Macy’s to admit in its statement responding to CBS 5 that it does indeed sell glass fracture filled gemstones makes me incredibly angry. I have several pieces of fine jewelry (as opposed to costume jewelry) from Macy’s. I now question whether every piece is “real” or full of glass. And god forbid it is leaded glass.

Macy’s – if any of my pieces are fracture fill glass, you better take back every single piece of jewelry. I swear that this breakup will be expensive for you.

(BTW, the law firm that filed the class action has an informational page. I have no affiliation with the law firm whatsoever, although I have talked to the attorney handling the matter about the lawsuit.)

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