Kumon Blog Hop – Kumon Poetry Challenge in Celebration of Earth Day – Win a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

If you read my blog, you’ll know I don’t do a lot of giveaways or contest. But, for St. Patrick’s Day, I had dinner with some friends I hadn’t seen for quite awhile (old day care friends), and both families were raving about Kumon, the world’s largest after-school academic enrichment program. We haven’t used Kumon, but the two families both talked about how much the program had helped their kids and also that the program encouraged good citizenship. The parents volunteered that the program really gave their kids great focus and confidence.

In any event, the following Monday, I received an email from a PR person representing Kumon asking me to participate in a blog hop to promote Kumon’s poetry contest in honor of Earth Day on Facebook. Well, after having two friends recommend the program, and wanting to be part of Earth Day (even though I’m quite cynical and grinchy about it), I said I would participate in the blog hop.

Why a blog hop? Well, the concept behind a blog hop is to introduce everybody to new bloggers and/or new ideas. Kumon has chosen some green bloggers and we are all talking a bit about Earth Day, favorite green tips and other green ideas. Yesterday, Katy from Non Toxic Kids posted a poem! (go Katy). Tomorrow’s blog hop is hosted by Sommer at Green and Clean Mom.

To be honest, I have a hard time getting excited about Earth Day because it seems that there is a lot of greenwashing. But this year, I’m trying because my kids are excited about Earth Day. We’re planning on participating in a local volunteer clean up this Saturday (official Earth Day). We’ve been talking about how we can reduce our use of plastic and recycle more. All year, we’ve been trying to do waste free lunches, and my kids seem to be finally getting why I give them foods from bulk containers into reusable individual containers instead of packing single serve foods. FINALLY! (And, plus, it is way cheaper.) Today in the car on the way home, we talked about whether people will become extince and what the Earthy will look like in 20  years or 50 years or 100 years.

Well, to celebrate Earth Day, Kumon is sponsoring a contest for our kids.  It is a Poetry Challenge in celebration of Earth Day. Kumon encourages students to be good citizens and stewards of the Earth, and Kumon is asking students to tell it how and why the students take care of the Earth, in a poem. The poem should be 200 words or fewer and should celebrate Earth Day.  The poem should be in one of four forms – haiku, limerick, acrostic or free form. Parents submit their child’s poem about nature through Facebook. Each child has a chance to win $500 and an all-expenses paid trip to New York City with a visit to Kumon North America. There will be 6 winners! Please read the contest details.

And,  you have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate (preferably in electronic form to reduce plastic) donated by Kumon. Just leave a comment on this post below and you’ll be entered to win. Winner will be chosen randomly on May 8, 2012 and notified via email (so make sure you leave your email when you comment).

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  1. What a wonderful contest!
    Creativity is the spark that can fuel all kind of change.
    Just wanted to share a poem a wrote for mothers, our children and the planet some time ago for inspiration to all:

    A Promise To Our Children

    I promise to be the very best version of me
    And guide you along to be the best you can be

    I promise to nourish my mind, body and soul
    And teach you to love yourself whole

    I promise to honour you, treat you with respect
    Be kind to myself and others, the example I will set

    I promise to listen to you when expert advice conflicts
    Co-parent with divine guidance, to sweet surrender submit

    I promise the planet to clean up and protect
    Fresh air and water you will have, not toxic effects

    I promise to build a strong foundation of love
    May you blossom my joy, a gift sent from above
    – anne marie daniolos april 2011

  2. Everybody should be celebrate the Earth Day.I like this share,Thanks for share the article.

  3. Blake Smith says:

    One day I was walking down the street,
    When all this garbage collected at my feet.
    I brought it inside to throw it out,
    Because garbage hurts the environment now.
    Global warming isn’t good,
    It hurts the seals and the polarbears food.
    Starvation also isn’t fair,
    And will fill the world with despair.
    Recycling is the golden rule,
    To turn this planet into something cool.
    We learn all this stuff in school,
    To help the earth survive too.
    We gather on this special day,
    To live on this earth in a helpful way.

  4. Environment
    You can help

  5. Nice to meet you! I love your Thankful Thursday post. I left my link earlier but didn’t have time to read and cneommt. So glad I came back! I found you because of the blog hop linky.

  6. In spite of greenwashing, the concept of Earth Day is really important for kids to learn. Kudos to you for having those conversations with your kids!

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