Disinfecting Your Home – One Worry, Two Safer Solutions

All of the claims, information, studies, etc., on being green and non-toxic can be overwhelming after awhile.  The conflicting claims are frustrating.  What’s better – organic food trucked in from remote farms or local, but not organic produce?  Should I worry about climate change or pesticide residue when buying lettuce?

So, I’m going to start a new feature.  One worry & 2 solutions.  Basically, Smart Mama’s 2 Simple Solutions to One Worry.  Okay, that name kinda sucks, so perhaps a reader can come up with something fabulous?!

Smart Mama Worry:  I want to disinfect but I don’t want to use chlorine bleach – bad for the environment, bad for me, bad for my kids. 

Smart Mama Simple Solutions

  • A good all purpose disinfectant is to mix 1/2 cup of borax in 1 gallon of hot water.  According to The Nontoxic Home & Office by Debra Lynn Dadd, this disinfectant was tested in a California hospital for one year by a bacteriologist and was found to have met all state germicidal requirements.  You can find Borax with the laundry supplies in most stores. 
  • Try Isopropyl Alcohol.  You might have it in your cabinet already.  It effectively kills germs and bacteria, but is not as effective in the presence of organic matter.  IPA does not persist in the environment due to evaporation.  Alcohol is effective against resistant fungal and bacterial spores.  Of course, use in a well ventilated area and store out of reach of children.

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