My Cranky Earth Day Rant

Earth Day is here – well, not quite yet here in California, but it is fast approaching. And it seems like such a good thing – a day to appreciate the Earth and to be inspired to do better for it. 

Yet, all the Earth Day hoople just annoys me this year. 

First, every day should be Earth Day. We shouldn’t be able to make ourselves feel better by doing good on one day, and forgetting the rest of the year. We need to go green and non toxic every day. 

Second, being green is not about buying green. Everybody is pushing a green product. I thumbed through or read online (love Zinio) most of the “green” editions of popular magazines, and every single one is trying to sell me green products. And that just gets me. I mean, being green is NOT about buying green – that is counter to being green. Being green is about making do with what you got, not wholesale replacing everything you own with bright, shiny new things. Take Lucky Magazine, for example. How can a magazine dedicated to stylish shopping for chrissakes be green? 

Plus, I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of the green beauty product recommendations in Lucky Magazine were pretty good, unlike some other magazines. But some weren’t so great. Lucky Magazine recommended Kiss My Face’s tinted moisturizer as a green beauty product, yet it has numerous petroleum based ingredients. And petroleum based ingredients, being from a non-renewable resource, just aren’t so green. Not to mention that the particular product has ethoxylated compounds so it most likely has 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogen. 

But, magazines and commercials have had some products so far from being green that, well, I don’t even know what to say. I’m completely stumped. Greenwashing at its finest. 

I know I should be happy that everybody gets into the spirit for at least one day. But I just want to scream that you can’t stop at one day. It isn’t enough to use a re-usable tote for your shopping – now try to use re-usable produce bags. And stop buying single serve items. That’s just a waste of packaging and money. And why the heck are people still buying bottled water? And why the freaking hell is organic produce packed in plastic bags or sealed in plastic wrap on a styrene container? 

And how come people still toss cigarettes out the windows of their cars? They don’t easily degrade people. Those filters are plastic. Cigarettes are trash and shouldn’t be thrown onto the street to go into the storm sewer system and out to our oceans. 

And the irony is, I have an Earth Day giveaway going on for more stuff you probably don’t really need. 

I guess we just have to keep trying.

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