Fallout from Industry Memo Seeking Pregnant Woman to Tout Bisphenol A

woman warriorYesterday I posted about the leaked meeting minutes from the canned food industry in which a young pregnant woman was identified as the “holy grail” to tout the benefits of bisphenol A (BPA). And then if that didn’t work, the industry was prepared to use fear to scare you to prevent the passage of legislation limiting the use of BPA. And since that post, several interesting things have happened.

The House of Representatives Committee of Energy and Commerce and its Subcommitee on Oversight and Investigations, which has been investigating the safety of BPA and its use in food contact products, particularly infant formula, issued a letter to the Chairman of the North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA) (and whose lobbyist organized the meeting), demanding:

(1)  All documents and communications, including talking points, minutes, summaries, memoranda, media statements, e-mails, and drafts of any such documents, relating to meetings of the BPA Joint Trade Association in April and May 2009, including documents and communications created by the date of this request;

(2) A list of all attendees at these meetings, including their affiliations and contact information; and

(3)  A list of all members of the BPA Joint Trade Association, including their contact information.

The Committee also asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to re-consider its assessment that BPA is safe, a position that has been roundly criticized, even by the FDA’s own Science Advisory Board. (The SAB said that the FDA had created a false sense of security about BPA.) And, in the biggest surprise, only a few hours later, in a surprise after the FDA’s stonewalling and reluctance during the Bush Administration, stated that it would have a review within weeks, not months.

We got industry’s attention when we demanded BPA free baby bottles and sippy cups. In fact, we got leading retailers and the leading manufacturers to basically eliminate BPA containing baby bottles and sippy cups.

And now that we are turning our attention to other BPA exposures such as canned foods and beverages, we have industry scared. So scared that they are plotting . . .to have a pregnant woman sway us, and if that doesn’t work, to scare us. And who are the fear mongerers?

So, let’s use our pocketbooks to buy fresh, frozen, dried, jarred (glass) or (my least favorite option) in a safer plastic. As Leslie says at Eco Child’s Play, we must spend wisely. We have a voice – one industry understands. Our pocketbooks.

Lynn at OrganicMania offers to talk to industry in a conference call about what we moms want – and it isn’t to have the wool pulled over our eyes.

And, let’s keep our VOICES RAISED.  Like Janelle over at Health Child Healthy World, who tells industry that WE DON’T WANT YOUR BPA.

Or Tiffany Washko at Nature Moms. She calls us to action. She tells us moms must be prepared to battle.

And, girl, I’m ready.

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