Cleaning up the air: California bans ozone generating home air purifiers

The new regulation will prevent this type of dangerous exposures to an estimated 500,000 Californians.  It will require testing and certification of air purifiers and will ban those air purifiers that generate more than 0.050 ppm ozone.  It will go into effect in 2009.

What if you are looking to purify the air?  well, it depends on what you are trying to do, how big of an area you want to address, etc.  Without spending any money, however, you can take some simple steps to reduce indoor air pollution:

  • remove or reduce pollution sources such as smoking, incense, air fresheners, wood burning stoves, scented cleaners, etc.;
  • minimize dust mites by encasing pillows, minimizing rugs, etc.;
  • eliminate harmful gases such as pesticides, solvents, adhesives and similar sources of VOCs in the home.;
  • make sure heating equipment is ventilated properly;
  • make sure appliances are vented properly and vent them outdoors;
  • open windows and doors.
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  1. we always use air purifier at home because our baby is allergic

  2. we always use air purifier at home because my kids have some sort of pollen allergy`          

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