Going Green for the Holidays with the Green Moms Carnival

Welcome to the second of this month’s Green Moms Carnival.  We already tackled our prevention agenda for the incoming Obama administration.  Head over to Diane’s summary post at The Big Green Purse to see what we dreamed.  We focused on how not to play catch up and instead talked about what we’d like to see the Obama administration implement to prevent harm to the Earth and our children.

But, as if that wasn’t enough to tackle, we also wanted to talk about greening the holiday season.  Being in the swing of things, we have been sharing ideas to make our holiday environmental footprints a little bit smaller.  Hence, the second Green Moms Carnival this month!

Green Bean at The Green Phone Booth ponders how to make the holiday magical and meaningful without loads of disposable plastic crap.

Beth at Fake Plastic Fish (who succeeded in getting Brita to take back and recycle those filters – go Beth!) challenges us to join Amy’s No Plastic Holiday Challenge.  Beth gives suggestions on a plastic packaging free holiday to help us out.  I love the paper packing tape!

Karen aka Mother Earth at Best of Mother Earth reflects on the twinkle of holiday lights in shopping districts this holiday season. Perhaps towns can invest in LED lights next time they purchase holiday lights?

Anna at Green Talk discuss why buying a real tree just like Charlie Brown is greener than a fake (almost always vinyl) tree.  Jenn at The Green Parent (and author of the book by the same name which makes a wonderful Christmas gift) has suggestions for green gifts that don’t cost a cent.  Worried about these tough financial times and how to give gifts this season?  Read her post.  If you are looking for fair trade gifts, Micaela at Mindful Momma shares some ideas.

Deanna at Crunchy Chicken has some fabulous tips on greening the holiday decorations.  Haven’t put them up yet?  Check out her tips on everything from outdoor lights to handmade decorations.  She’s also got tips on how to green your holiday parties.  My favorite tip – her sources for organic champagnes for New Year’s Eve.  Organic champagne make a great hostess gift this season.

Some more ideas on shifting to green this Christmas, from wrapping to handmade presents, are shared by Maya at the Gamble Life.  Stephane at Greening Families reminds us to celebrate daily.  She also argues that the small, consistent actions make the biggest impact and urges us to cherish the Earth and our loved ones every day.

Diane of The Big Green Purse (author of the great book by the same name that also makes a great holiday gift) has gathered links to some of the great green coupons to make your environmentally conscious shopping cheap. 

Lynn at OrganicMania gives some advice on shopping for toys this holiday season.  With last year being the year of the recall, she give 10 tips for avoiding recalled toys.  She also shares her thoughts on blended family parties this season.

And Micaela, ever the Mindful Momma, reminds us that the holiday season is not just about buying stuff, but sharing.  And she has ideas for giving some green to non profit organizations that focus on green and healthy living.  Beth at Fake Plastic Fish also suggests organizations for donations this season, and asks that her family and friends make donations to them instead of buying her presents.

Finally my soul sister Jess at Green Phone Booth blogged the most wonderful ideas for celebrating the winter solstice.  Her sun bread is lovely and her ideas to entertain a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds on these short days are grand.  Grandma Jewel is truly a treasure.

In January, the Green Moms Carnival tackles global warming.  The carnival will be hosted by MC Milker from The Not Quite Crunchy Parent.  To submit, follow the information posted under “Submission Deadlines & Guidelines” at OrganicMania’s blog on the famous Green Moms Carnival.

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