BPA: A Review: BPA Free Baby Bottles

Updated – April 29, 2008; Updated – May 21, 2008

Adiri Natural NurserIt is often hard to tell whether a bottle is BPA free.  As explained in a separate Smart Mama Answers, polycarbonate plastic may leach bisphenol A (BPA) into formula or breast milk.  Basically, you are looking for a bottle that is NOT made of polycarbonate plastic.  The good news is that manufacturers are starting to label those products that are BPA free in an attempt to sell them to you, the concerned parent.

t feel free to email me or contact the manufacturer if you can’t determine whether your baby bottle is made from polycarbonate plastic.  Also, the good folks over at Z Recommends have a text service to tell you whether a product is BPA free or not.

 Here’s Smart Mama’s cheat sheet on baby bottles:

  • All Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free.  Medela’s bottles are made from polypropylene plastic.

  • BornFree makes glass and polyamide (BPA free) plastic bottles. 

  • Think Baby has a 5 oz and 9 oz BPA free baby bottle with a silicone nipple.  The company’s patented venting system is advertised to reduce gas and spit up.

  • Green to Grow has wide and regular neck baby bottles in 5 and 10 ounce sizes.  The bottles are made of polyethersulfone.  They are relatively new to the market.

  • MAM’s Ultivent and the Sassy Baby Food Nurser Kit are BPA free.

  • Adiri’s Natural Nurser Ultimate Baby Bottle is BPA free.

  • EvenFlo has a glass baby bottle.

  • Gerber’s Clear View, Fashion Tints and GentleFlow are not made with polycarbonate plastic and are BPA-free.

  • Playtex’s Premium Nurser is made of polycarbonate, but the breastmilk or formula only touches the polyethylene liner, not the bottle itself.  The Breast Milk Storage Kit contains polypropylene bottles.

  • Certain Nuby bottles are BPA-free.

  • Dr. Brown has a glass bottle.  Dr. Brown’s older plastic bottle is polycarbonate plastic, and may leach BPA.  Dr. Brown is also introduced a polypropylene bottle in April 2008. 

  • Avent’s list of its bottles and other products is available here.

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