Aqua Dots Recalled – Is It Going To Be A Blue Christmas?

Today the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yet another recall, but this time, it wasn't for a violation of the lead paint standard.  No, instead, it turns out that the coating on the beads in Aqua Dots may turn toxic when ingested – that's right, the body metabolizes the coating on the beads into the "date rape" drug, also known as GHB.

The toxin has resulted in 2 children in the US slipping into a comatose state after ingesting the beads.  Australian officials banned a very similar toy a couple of days ago after three children were hospitalized.

Aqua Dots has been listed as one of the "hottest toys" for the holiday season on several industry lists.  I can tell you from experience that it has been one of my son's favorite toys.  I now face the issue so many other parents have confronted this summer – how do I get rid of one of my son's favorite toys? 

Granted, he is generally past the "let's putting everything in mouth" phase, but his sister isn't.  And many of the kids that come visit us do put almost everything in their mouth.  I wouldn't want my son to be accused of slipping his playdates rufies.  I'm not making light of a serious issue – but it is a little funny if you think about it.

It sure seems to be shaping up to a blue Christmas . . .

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