Holiday Toys: Looking for natural, non-toxic, organic or green toys?

I've gotten a lot of emails from parents who had decided to ban any "Made in China" toys this holiday season.  You can debate whether this is the solution, or just unfairly punishing Chinese manufacturers for poor design and lax oversight of the toy companies themselves.  Setting aside the debate, there are toys that are not manufactured in China.  For example, Playmobil is, with very limited exceptions, not made in China.  There are also sources of natural or organic toys.  I have to caution you – if you are simply trying to ban "Made In China" toys, then you need to carefully read the product's information.  Some of these toys are made in China. 

A Toy Garden has a selection of natural toys, with a focus on Fair Trade and Made in the USA items.  The plant dyed small wheel cars are perfect for small hands.  I happen to love the Lana Organic Dragon at Bright October.  Bright October has a selection of toys, some organic and some not.   It has a good selection of wood toys that again are dyed or painted in accordance with the European EN71 standard.  Since the cars are dyed, there is no paint to worry about.  For some wood tables that can be used as toy, art or train tables (with a great corner table to make use of that waste space) some art related accessories, try Natures TablesSum-Bo-Shine has several wood pull toys from Estia, which are made in Germany (and featured in the upcoming Mr. Majorium's Wonder Emporium).  NunoOrganics has a selection of toys and clothes, including non-toxic paints and crayons.  MagicCabin has a wide selection of toys, including dress up silks, and a rubberwood Pirate ship (although the ship is made in Thailand).  I love the handmade Dragonfly Fairy and Waldorf Leaf Carriage at Willow Tree Toys.  Willow Tree Toys guaratees that its toys meet safety standards and are lead free.  There is a nice selection of stocking stuffers under $10. 

Another great source is Oompa Toys.  Oompa provides information on where each toy line is made, and has included the various manufacturers' statements on safety.  Planet Happy Toys has toys broken down into natural, organic, fairly traded, recycled and phthalate free.  The selection of phthalate free dolls is great.  Peapods also breaks down its toys by where they are made.  Toy Mobile has natural European toys.  The Wooden Wagon has a large selection of toys, especially wooden marble tracks.

Looking for toy storage – try Nest.  Nest has several organic cotton toy storage options.


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