Green Toys for the Holidays – More!

I've been on the hunt for more green gifts.  I've always liked the toys from Play Toys, and have found some more.  Play Toys uses wood from discarded rubber trees.  Plan Toys advertises that it provides a working environment that is guarantees fair wages, no discrimination and no child labor.  It also advertises that its wood is chemical free and that no harmful additives or colorings are used.  My son loves the airport, and it has held up really well.  I think the Click Clack  would fascinate almost any toddler.  Another source of lead free toys is  eBeanstalk is testing all of the toys it sells, and is not relying solely upon the manufacturers and distributors.  eBeanstalk has a large selection of toys.  Another great source is Maukilo.   Maukilo prides iteself on mostly wood toys with natural finishes, or waterbased finishes.  Most wood toys are stained, not painted.  It also states that the plastic toys it sells are free of polyvinyl chloride plastic.  Maukilo provides information on where the toys are manufactured.  To be honest, the wood toy selection is great, but I have some questions about the plastic toys.  Some of them state that they are phthalate free, and others don't, so it is still a little confusing.  You have to check the manufacturer's statement for each of the plastic toys.  In particular, I've sent an email to Gymnic to confirm the statement that the plastic is phthalate free.  I'll keep you posted on the response.


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