Toxic Toys: New Report from Environmental Health Group Reports on Toxic Toys

Several news organizations have reported that the Ecology Center and several other environmental health organizations found 35% of the children's toys tested contained lead.  The results are in a report that was released today, but for some reason I can't access it.  In any event, the reports are that the organizations tested 1,268 items, and found lead and other chemicals in the products.  Specifically, the tests found that 17% of the products tested had lead levels about the 600 parts per million standard for lead in paints used in children's toys.  A Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game case tested a 3,056 ppm, one of the highest levels reported.

The items were purchased at major retailers, and most of the items were checked in the last 6 months.

There were some criticisms of the report, particularly the test method used to determine lead.

As soon as I can get access to the report, I'll post a link.  However, here is a link to the "best" toys as reported by the Environmental Health Project and the 10 toys with the highest lead content.


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