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Last Updated May 17, 2008

After posting my blog about the research linking phthalate exposure in babies to the use of baby personal care products, I’ve been bombarded with emails from concerned mamas looking for phthalate free baby care products.  If you want the scoop on the research, check out my blog entry.  

If you are looking for phthalate free baby care products, my non-exhaustive list follows.  I’ll keep adding.  Be warned – you can’t tell if phthalates are present just be reading the label.  If the product is labeled phthalate-free, then it is pretty easy.  But, other than that, it can be frustrating – even if you are a label reader.  Phthalates are used to sustain fragrance but don’t have to be identified separately on the label.  Basically, if you see synthetic fragrance or parfum in the ingredient list, then phthalates are probably present.  In fact, in the research, the highest concentration of phthalate metabolite found in the babies’ urine was linked the the phthalate most commonly added to fragrance.

Best strategy, look for baby care products labelled “phthalate free.”  Also, you can look for those products that use essential oils for scent.  And that brings me to another warning, essential oils may be irritating to some individuals, so always be careful when trying a new product. 

What baby care products are phthalate free?  This is a non-exhaustive list.  I’m sure I’ve missed some products completely so feel free to drop me an email if you know of a great product that I’m missing – help all moms out!

  • Aubrey Organics.  The Natural Baby & Kids Shampoo, Bath Soap and Body Lotion are all free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, 1,4-dioxane and PEG.

  • California Baby.  All of California Baby’s products are phthalate-free.  California Baby provides information on its ingredients and packaging here.

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby.  These products are not only phthalate and 1,4-dioxane free, but are also free of parabens, SLS, artificial preservatives, and synthetic dyes.  They are certified vegan and kosher.  All of the ingredients are listed on the website.  We love the Angel Baby Bottom Balm!  I also love the Angel Baby Lotion – which I use!  It goes on well – not greasy – and has a light scent.  Angel Baby Bottom Balm diaper cream

  • Arbonne Baby Care.  ABC products are phthlate free, paraben free and 1,4-dioxane free.  Yes, I know that the EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetic database identifies the Arbonne Baby Care products as containing parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals, but the ingredient list is out of date.  However, the Arbonne Baby Care products are not as “green” as some of the other products, and still use some petroleum derived ingredients. 

  • Love me baby me products are phthalate and paraben free.  We like the hair putty – our son liked to spike his hair (he had a mohawk for a bit) and this worked great.

  • Weleda Baby.  Free of phthalates,

  • Nurture My Body.  A great line.  Made with certified organic ingredients, and free of chemical preservatives and phthalates.  Nurture My Body has a baby lotion that is fragrance free, including free of added essential oils, particularly good for sensitive skin.

  • Dr. Bronner’s.  The Baby Mild Organic Bar Soap, Baby Mild Liquid Soap, Organic Shikakai Baby Hand & Body Soaps and the Organic Baby Balm are free of phthalates, parabens, 1,4-dioxane and SLS. 

  • MethodKid & MethodBaby.  I get a lot of emails about the Methodkid and Methodbaby lines.  They are free of phthalates.  Although fragrance is listed as ingredient, it is a blend of essential oils and synthetic compounds, but is phthalate free.  However, as Arbonne Baby Care, these products are not as “green” as some of the other products.  But they are free of phthalates, parabens and 1,4-diioxane.

Products advertised to be phthalate free by category:

Shampoo/Body Wash:

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash

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