But this I believe . . . .

I teach a class at The Pump Station in Los Angeles entitled The Smart Mama's Green Guide:  Simple Steps to Reducing Toxic Chemicals in Your Baby's Environment.  If you are in Los Angeles and you haven't heard of The Pump Station, then you definitely must check it out if you are about to be or are a mom.  It is a fabulous, supportive place with an educated staff, lots of fabulous finds, and a variety of classes.  

After my class, one of the moms asked me why I teach the class.  And the answer is that I want all of us to have the information to create the world we want to live in, and a safe, healthy place for our children and our children’s children.  It is quite trendy to be green right now, but sorting our the eco-hype is difficult.  But I like to think that I can help sort through at least some of the information.  And that’s the point – to have the opportunity to make an informed choice.  

But I recognize that even if we wanted to, we can’t stop all of the chemical exposures.  We live in a chemical world – one that has been made both better and worse by chemicals.  To really change things, we need a significant change in our policies.  And, as much as I love to shop, and I do love to shop, I don’t think we can shop our way to a better world.  But I do think our consumer choices have a big impact.  Certainly the reports of retailers pulling polycarbonate plastic baby bottles off the shelves because of concerned consumers wanting bottles without bisphenol A illustrates that we can make a difference with our purses.  I think it is unfair that we have to follow a list of do’s and don’ts to have a healthy home environment.  But this I believe.  I believe that my small changes make a difference.  I believe that the small changes add up.  I believe that we are all connected to each other and this world.  Perhaps because we are connected, it is foolish to think that we can be healthy in an unhealthy world by making individual changes in our lifestyles and improving our individual buying habits.  But I believe I should try.  I believe that while I don’t make our policies, I can shape them.  I believe that by making a home safer for my children, I make the world a little bit safer for every living thing. 

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