Celebrate Earth Day with Mama Mirabelle

Okay, this isn't quite a non toxic simple step.  And watching television doesn't quite square with the green granola image.  However, I will admit that my kids watch TV.  So, I'm always on the look out for something that has a little bit of a message to it – anything is better than My Little Pony (my daughter's fave – she has asked Santa for a pink pony & a purple pony).  PBS Kids has a special Earth Day episode of Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies.  The episode – "Kings and Queens of the Savanna" – airs this week and celebrates the Circle of Life (cue swelling music – okay, so it is channeling The Lion King). 

MirabelleThe episode emphasizes the important balance in nature and how every animal plays a role in maintaining that balance, from the bee that pollinates the flower to the elephant that eats leaves from the trees.  When Mama overhears Bo, Karla and Max having a discussion about who the true king or queen of the savanna might be, she takes them on a nature walk and shows the kids that every animal, no matter how big or small plays an important role in nature.

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