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I just have to digress from my usual blogging content to tell you about a blog I found on mommy blogging and super mommy bloggers.  It is a very real blog.  She is right on the money.  It is virtually impossible to finish any blog entry.  For my earlier blog tonight, I had to wait until my son fell asleep, my daughter (the princess) fell asleep (of course, after locating one lost pink pony and tracking down a very tattered blankie), the cat finished her dinner and decided to go out prowling, the guinea pig decided to do whatever guinea pigs do, and my husband went to bed.  Of course, this is after working all day, using my lunch to buy my husband a secretary's day gift (yes, for last week's holiday) for his secretary because he forgot and just got around to telling me and reminds me I love to shop (for myself!), picking up the kids, dropping off borrowed clothes at my son's friend's hosue, getting some laundry done, figuring out how to make a healthy dinner out of a wilted looking carrot (went to the guinea pig instead), some sad looking lettuce, some pasta and left over hot dogs while my husband tells me that he is hungry, taking the trash cans out for trash day, wrapping the secretary's present. . .

And, I will admit it, before I read this blog, I didn't even know there was a big debate going on in the mommy blogging community.  Nor did I know that I had been left out of opportunities afforded to other mommy bloggers.  And now I feel much like I did in high school.  Like I'm not good enough, don't wear the right clothes or drive the right clothes.  And I'm jealous too.  I'm right there with her on that.

And those super mommy bloggers?  I think they are just like that one woman who was in all of my new mommy support groups.  The one who came in serenely, with her baby in a sling, without a diaper bag.  Her baby always slept or cooed sweetly.  She never had diaper leaks, or breast milk leaks, or spit up on her shirt.  She never had any real problems . . . and never seemed anything but friendly.  And you wanted to hate her just because and you secretly wished she would get a parking ticket, but realized that she probably walked because she was eco-friendly.  And then I would be a little ashamed. 

So now, here I am, experiencing blog-shame for my wishes about crashing servers or some such.

And if you want to see what I usually have to contend with – my mud covered son – click on the link and vote for me on top momma.


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