Z Recommends Challanges Amazon – BPA Free Baby Store is NOT BPA Free

One of my favorite blogs, Z Recommends, has gone above and beyond.  I didn't even notice it on Amazon's website, but ZRecs did notice that Amazon quietly launched a supposed BPA-free baby shop.  Reviewing the listing, ZRecs determined that Amazon has products with BPA in the BPA free shop!  Specifically, ZRecs has

"cross-checked listings from Amazon.com's new shop against the Z Report on BPA, and confirmed with representatives at the relevant companies that four of the fourteen models of plastic bottles and sippy cups sold as 'BPA-free' by Amazon.com in their new shop contain bisphenol-A."  See ZRecs full blog here.

ZRecs has determined that Amazon identifies the following BPA-containing items as BPA-free in Amazon.com's BPA-Free Baby shop include:

  • Gerber Comfort Hold bottles Screen Shot from Amazon
  • Nuby 12-oz. Mega Sipper
  • Nuby 7-oz. Two-Handled Cup
  • Nuby No-Spill 3-Stage Bottle

For those of you not caught up, bisphenol A (BPA) leaches from polycarbonate plastic – including polycarbonate plastic baby bottles and sippy cups.  BPA has been associated with adverse health effects in laboratory animals.  It is an endocrine disruptor and mimics the hormone estrogen.  Fetuses and infants are most at risk.

Leaching is greatest when foodstuffs contained in polycarbonate plastic are heated.  One study showed that leaching when exposed to boilinng water is 55 times greater than room temperature water, although leaching still occurs at room temperature.

Many parents are trying to steer clear of BPA, and are looking for BPA-free options.  Amazon's inclusion of BPA containing products in its supposed BPA- free Baby Store may be a simple mistake.  But, it certainly calls into question Amazon's diligence.  And if you are trying to buy safe products, then you want to be certain that any representations are as accurate as can be.  ZRecs has done a great service in identifying this mistake.  Thank you Jeremiah & Jennifer!  And, I highly recommend ZRecs' report on BPA free options to any parent.  (The screen shot is from ZRec's blog and was taken May 1, 2008 showing circled in red 3 of the 4 BPA products that are identified as BPA free).

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