How green and non toxic are you?

Today, I went to a lovely event hosted by a Peachheader (a fairly well known Yahoo group) featuring Sophie Uliano, author of the best selling Gorgeously Green.  In person, Sophie was charming, articulate and inspiring.  In fact, all of the women present were just marvelous.  Truly.  It just makes you realize how powerful all of us moms can be!

I felt a renewed committment to being green.  Sophie reminded us all that you need only take one step at a time.  She reminded us that we all don’t have to be deep green, but can be pale green, apple green, emerald green or go even deeper, to deep green.  (And I have to apologize to the group – I had a brain freeze and said that Sigg bottles weren’t BPA free, confusing Sigg with another manufacturer.  Yes, Sigg’s bottles, while lined with a water based, proprietary formulation, are BPA free.)

In any event, at the end of the meeting (such a formal word for what felt like girlfriends talking over coffee), she asked us to close our eyes and make one committment to being greener.  So I did – I made a committment to explore more green feminine hygiene options.  

You are probably thinking WTH?  My curiosity was recently piqued by eco-shame.  I mean – think about it.  We use greener diapers (cloth or disposable?) but I’ve been using the same feminine hygiene products since I was 13.  I never even really thought about their impact from manufacture to disposal until I stumbled into an online discussion on MotheringDotCommune on DivaCups.  I learned that conventional pads contain a blend of chlorine-bleached pulp, polypropylene, polyacrylates and plastic.  But the DivaCup discussion enlightened me.  I joined the discussion because I honestly did not know what was being talked about.  I thought it was something along the lines of being a Green Diva.  But the discussion was not what I expected.  I did not expect the discussion to center on re-usable silicone cups as an alternative to tampons and pads.  I also wasn’t prepared for the enthusiastic support for the DivaCups and other similar products.  I was consumed by eco-shame for my failure to even consider options other than the Always pads I use.

Natracare padsSo, I went and purchased some Natracare pads.  They are made from plant cellulose and are not chlorine bleached.  They are plastic free and perfume free.  I feel a little bit better, but not sure how they will work.  We’ll see. . . . My husband’s response – an inquisitive look and a simple question “Why?”  My answer – because I’m trying to be a little be greener today than I was yesterday.

So what green color are you?  What green step will you take?  Turn off the lights?  Walk to the store?  Make your own cleaners at home with baking soda and vinegar?  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and pick one step to start.

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