The World is Green – New & Old Friends at BlogHer ’08 Conference

I haven’t done a lot of blogging this week because I’m at BlogHer ’08 – the conference to be at if you’re a women blogger or interested in women bloggers.  And mommy bloggers remain hot. 

The conference has been great so far.  But the most exciting thing for me so far is to meet some of the green, non-toxic bloggers that I like and follow.  And feel like I know well – even though we’ve only communicated online.  So putting faces with names and blog handles has been cool.  But the best thing is to confirm that they do indeed, walk the talk – but also that they are also human.  While we all try to be as green and as non-toxic as possible, not one of us is perfect.  Or all knowing.  And everybody has been willing to share their knowledge. 

I had lunch with Beth from Fake Plastic Fish.  As to be expected, she was extremely aware of every piece of plastic – and sent back the bread sticks wrapped in plastic and the salad dressing container in a small plastic cup.  It made me even more aware of the disposable plastic in our environment, but even more willing to try to eliminate plastic from my life – but particularly disposable plastic. 

We were joined by MamaBird from Surely You Nest, who is truly fabulous.  We talked a lot about testing household goods and toys with the XRF analyzer – and my recent experience with a client who thought she bought a flame retardant free all natural sofa.  I’ll fill you in shortly on that.  MamaBird is also a contributor to the just launched 5 Minutes for Going Green – a sister site to 5 Minutes for Mom.  

Also lunching with us was Green Bean Dreams and Jenna from TinyChoices.  More to come – off to another event!

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