Pink Princesses Go Green & Is Green Blogging Turning Off Readers By Being Uppity

I’m excited to announce that I’ve become part of the team at the Los Angeles Moms Blog.  I just put up my first post – true tales from the green attendant of her royal pink princess.  The fun part is I get to blog a little bit more about parenting and my definite lack of skills . . . although with a green, non-toxic twist.  The bloggers that are part of the time are wonderful, funny women.  Really, go check it out, especially Bad Mommies Are The Only Ones Worth Knowing.

Which actually made me think about green blogging, and whether it is off putting.  I mean, I could see how a blog about going green and non-toxic can be a little holier-than-thou, right?  Who wants advice from a know-it-all?  At least for me, parenting is hard enough without feeling like you are do everything wrong.  And if someone keeps telling you that every single item in your freaking house is toxic, wouldn’t you get just a little annoyed?

At least for me, every time I learn a little bit more about something that might affect my children negatively, I feel like a BAD MOMMY.  If my child grows up and has learning problems because of some lead contaminated toy I gave him, that makes me a bad mom.

And, trust me, despite trying to live my life green and non toxic, there are a lot of bad mommy moments.  (As an aside,  am not one to be scared by every crazy story the media cooks up.  I take the time to go do some research and see if the science really backs up the media hype/frenzy/scare.  Although, I freely admit, that I tend to follow the principle of better safe than sorry, so if alternatives exist for various things, I’ll err on the side of safety.)  The yellow plastic drumsticks my daughter played with and PUT IN HER MOUTH that I then tested with the XRF analyzer and found were 45,000 ppm LEAD.  That was a bad mommy moment.  The time I just finally gave up on all the natural ant deterrent strategies, dug out some ant killer spray my husband had brought, and killed the 3 inch wide trail of ants.  With Raid.  A bad mommy moment. 


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Any others want to confess to falling off the green wagon?

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