Great tip for preserving herbs that don’t dry well

I came across this nifty tip for preserving herbs that don’t dry well in Organic Gardening.  And, yes, I was reading Organic Gardening in my online magazine reader, Zinio, which I love.  An online magazine reader such as Zinio is a great way to go green by reducing paper consumed and energy used in producing print copies of magazines.

In any event, the Smart Mama Simple Tip of the Day:  This is perfect as summer comes to an end.  For any herbs that you want to save that don’t dry well, just chop them coarsely.  Place in a glass jar and pour in water or olive oil to cover.  Stir to distribute, and before the herbs settle, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Voila!  Just take out an ice cube or two when needed for flavoring.


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