What exposures to toxic chemicals do you have on a daily basis?

Many of us worry about our exposures to toxic chemicals, and want to know what we can do to reduce those exposures.  And, before I get hate email, let me just clarify that just because we are exposed, does NOT mean that any adverse health effect will occur.  Or that the exposure is even a problem.  There is a lot of uncertainty as to what is and what is not safe, how exposures occur, how much exposure we actually get, etc.

And I’m not advocating that we be afraid of life.  Not at all.  We should enjoy life!  But I do think that knowledge is power.  So, by knowing what exposures you might have, you can take some simple steps to reduce your exposures.  Also, awareness may spur you to become an advocate to, say, reduce the unnecessary toxic chemicals in our everyday consumer products.

So, in any event, I posted a blog on the subject at 5 Minutes for Going Green, where I also blog.  The post is Do You Need a Hazards Chemical Warning Label?



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