Smart Mama Simple Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Out Blood Stains, Disinfect

hydrogen peroxideHere’s a Smart Mama simple tip for a Sunday morning:  use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains from clothing.  My son got a bloody nose last week at karate, and got blood on his brand new white uniform.  Smart mama that I am (hah – not really), I took off his top and blotted on some hydrogen peroxide (3% solution – available in most every drugstore).  After 3 blots, the blood stain was completely gone.  The blood was fresh, and came out easily on the white garment.  However, keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is also a bleach, and may lift color. 

Another great use for hydrogen peroxide – it can be used to disinfect countertops and cutting boards.  Just put some on a clean rag and wipe them down.  You can also put it in a spray bottle to use, but it does break down with exposure to light (that’s why it comes in a brown bottle) so it doesn’t really make sense to transfer it – just use it on a dish rag.  Also, I’m loathe to recommend spray cleaners generally because use of spray cleaners (where the cleaning solution is aerosolized) is linked to increase risk of asthma.

Another use – you can use it as a vegetable wash to soak or kill bacteria.  Better solution – rinse first with hydrogen peroxide then with vinegar.  The combination is more effective than either alone.  But, you can’t combine these in a single container to reduce time because they will react and destroy their effectiveness.

Hydrogen peroxide can be irritating to the skin, so be careful using like any other cleaner.

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