Carter’s Tagless Tags Causing Skin Problems Makes the News

Just want to give a quick update on a prior story about skin reactions to tagless “tags” in clothing.

One of the moms who broke the Carter’s tagless tags causing skin problems story has made the news.  Channel 4’s Ana Garcia is investigating.  Her first installment in the investigation is available at the KNBC website.  (Just a note – I got emails from some readers on the story, and also note that it was posted on Z Recommends too – want to make sure that Z Recommends gets full credit for investigation into this important issue!)

I’m glad the story has hit the news.  Since I posted about it (having originally learned of the problem via the always on top of it Z Recommends), I have received emails and talked to several parents that have experienced skin reactions to tagless tags.  It seems much more widespread than Carter’s would have you think.  The problems seem associated most frequently with the rectangular solid background size tag, according to Ana Garcia’s investigation, but commenters on Z Rec’s website and parents who have contacted me have indicated that other tagless tags also cause the problems.

If you have problems and live in the LA area, contact Ana Garcia via the link on the web video.  And I’m interested in any comments on the problem, and what worked to clear the problem up.

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