Invest in your Future by Living Green

green earthWhy live a green life?

I have a long explanation about how I’ve always been fairly green, but that it became personal when I had two miscarriages before carrying my son. About being pregnant and wanting to protect the life growing inside of me. About the ephiphany that everything I ate, breathed or put on my skin was being passed to my baby.

But why stay the course? Saving the planet for future generations sounds awfully altruistic. And that is part of it. I want my kids to have oceans full of fish, blue skies with songbirds, bees lazily buzzing on a lazy not too warm summer afternoon. I know I don’t want them to have to fight over scarce resources – I want them to have access to clean water, clean air, food.

I know that it is difficult to always do the green thing. The fundamental green step is to reduce, which is hard to do in a society focused on consuming. When you have to buy, choosing green may be hard to find, may be too expensive, may be difficult to figure out.

And I know that being green sometimes seems to take more time. Using disposable plates is much easier at a child’s birthday party than using re-usable plates. Single serve snacks are much easier than bulk.

But here’s my thought. We all know about saving for the future, for a rainy day. We aren’t always great at doing it, but we understand the concept. At that is what being green is for me. Making my own homemade cleaners is an investment in the future. Choosing re-usable over disposable is an investment in the future. Every green choice is an investment in my future and in my children’s future. It is an investment in the future of the only planet we have.

An investment that will reap large returns.

It also makes it easier to be green. My kids get the concept, my husband gets it. It isn’t tied to some difficult to conceptualize concept like global warming, or the loss of habitat we’ve never even seen. The kids and I even play a game – assigning value to our green actions – as in we saved a quarter today by using only re-usable bags. It makes it fun for them.

So, are you ready to invest in your future?

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