States Ask Manufacturers to Eliminate BPA from Their Products

baby nursing baby bottleExpressing concern over the Food and Drug Administration’s failure to take action on bisphenol A (BPA), the Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware attorney generals asked 11 companies to stop making baby bottles and baby formula containers containing BPA.  The three attorney generals sent letters to baby bottle makers Avent, Disney First Years, Gerber, Handicraft Co., Playtex Products, and Evenflo.  Infant formula manufacturers that were sent letters are Abbott, Mead Johnson, PBM Products (making many store brands), Nature’s One and Wyeth.

The FDA has so far taken the position that BPA is safe.  But, other scientists disagree with the FDA and content that BPA disrupts hormone at low levels.  Even the National Toxicology Program has issued a final report finding “some concern” for current  human exposure to BPA and effects on brain, behavior and the prostate.  The attorney generals urged the manufacturers not to use BPA because of growing scientific evidence that small amouts of BPA can damage a baby’s reproductive, neurological and immune systems.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said that “I am alarmed by the recent studies confirming that BPA leaches from these products into the foods they hold.  The preventable release of a toxic chemical directly into the food we eat is conscionable and intolerable.”

Mr. Blumenthal’s letter further called for “the immediate elimination of this dangerous chemical from our children’s food. We urge you to take a leadership role in making safer children’s products by immediately discontinuing the use of BPA. We believe that your company has a public duty to ensure that every product is safe for every consumer, but especially for infants and children.”

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