CPSC Issues Advisory on Skin Reactions from Carter’s Tag-less Tags

As I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, many parents have reported mild to very severe skin reactions from tag-less tags, especially Carter’s.  Z Recommends has been following the issue, and has comments from more than 100 parents reporting reactions.

Well, last Friday, the CPSC issued an advisory to parents and caregivers that the CPSC has received reports of a “small percentage of babies and infants” developing rashes after wearing Carter’s clothing with tagless labels.  The advisory states that the advisory applies to Carter’s Fall 2007 line, although as reported in Z Recommends, parents and caregivers have complained about rashes from other lines.  And, despite the CPSC’s effort to minimize the reaction as a mild rash, some parents have documented reactions that look like chemical burns, such as Ava’s Tagless Horrow with Carters, not mild rashes.

The advisory is actually quite a victory.  The CPSC usually takes much longer to react.  At the same time, it really tries to limit the extent of the problem, as it does seem to affect quite a number of infants and the reaction can be very severe.

carter's fall 2007 tagsCarter’s has posted a message on its website too.  Carter’s maintains that its “review and testing provide no indication that the labels contain any known skin irritants or abrasive chemicals, or that such a rash is antying beyond a rare allergic reaction to an otherwise safe product.”  And it also maintains that the problem is limited to its Fall 2007 line.  (The picture shows the labels from the Fall 2007 line).

Well, the parents commenting on Z Recommends blog disagree.  Problems have been reported with other lines from Carter’s.  Problems have also been reported with tagless tags from other manufacturers.

As always, Z Recommends is on the case.  Z Recommends has sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the CPSC on the issue.  Specifically, Z Recs has asked for complaints on the issue for the last 5 years.  Z Recs is currently compiling the response it received.  Can’t wait to see the analysis!

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