Hiding not so green items from the green police

I blog over at 5 Minutes for Going Green, and wrote this blog post on the fear of having greener friends come over and having to hide stuff.  I spent the time before my 40th birthday party running around hiding not-so-green stuff deathly afraid my deeper shade of green friends would call me out. 

I’m the first to admit it – our family is not nearly as green as I would like to be.  Part of that is that my focus is more on reducing exposures to toxic chemicals.  Another part is that not all of my family members are as conscious about their choices.  And another part is that convenience sometimes triumphes over being green (so yes, we go to McDonalds, we buy drinks in disposable plastic bottles, and have used plastic bags when the reusable totes were left behind).

So, in any event, I thought I would share my confession that we’re not always that green.  But we keep trying.


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