Want to know how to piss moms off? Attack babywearing & motherhood. Just ask Motrin and #motrinmoms

Okay, this is different than my usual blog, but I’m a little peeved.  More than a little peeved.  And when I get peeved, well, hmm, let’s say I don’t take things lightly.

So what’s got me riled up?  If you haven’t seen it yet, Motrin’s new Mom-alogue ad attacks babywearing.  And, I learned from Crazy Adventures in Parenting, that the Motrin ad attacking babywearing had the very bad taste of being launched during International Babywearing Week.

I find a lot in the world to get excited about – usually chemicals in our products – so I don’t usually get that excited by ads – to each his or her own is my usual motto.  But, the people at Motrin obviously were not thinking.  They couldn’t have been.  And if they were, well, that is even worse.

Motrin – the ad is offensive and extremely disrepectful to moms.   It implies that babywearing is some new fashion statement.  C’mon – baby wearing isn’t a new thing.  Women have been wearing their babies in slings since, well, women first figured out how to skin an animal or weave plant material.  It is MORE COMFORTABLE than slinging the baby on your hip, or, god forbid, toting around your baby in a 20 pound carseat.  And I don’t think moms wear their babies as fashion statements.

Here’s part of the text from the ad:

Supposedly, it’s a real bonding experience.

They say that babies carried close to the bod tend to cry less than others.

But what about me? Do moms that wear their babies cry more than those who don’t?

I sure do!

These things put a ton of strain on your back, your neck, your shoulders. Did I mention your back?!

Well, not really, if you are wearing it right.  And personally, I found toting the baby in the infant carrier to put a significant amount of one sided strain on my body, ultimately causing me more pain than the sling.  I think my shoulder hurt for weeks until I figured out that wearing my baby was way more comfortable. But that’s beside the point. 

The ad’s offensive to all moms.  It is demeaning to moms.  We don’t wear out babies to make fashion statements and because everybody else is doing it.  The ad is also offensive to any parent into Attachment Parenting.  So tell Motrin what you think.  I did.  And I won’t be buying Motrin any more.  And if you are inclined to blog about this too, go leave Barb a comment and she’ll link back to you.  She has the dialogue typed out just in case Motrin pulls it.

Leave me a comment below and I’ll put your link in and tweet it too.  If you want to see the uproar Motrin has created, just search (at the bottom of the Twitter page) #motrinmoms on Twitter.  Never, ever piss off a blogging, tweeting mama.  Also check out Katja’s video on the subject.

By the way, here’s my email to Motrin: 

Motrin – Your Mom-alogue ads are horrible.  Released during Intenational Babywearing Week, the ad for Motrin is demeaning to all moms, not just babywearing moms.  Babywearing has been done since the beginning of time – I would guess since women first figured out how to skin hides or weave plant material.  It is easier.  It is more comfortable.  It frees your hands.  It is NOT a fashion statement.  It isn’t done because it is trendy.  It isn’t done because it is probably a better bonding experience.  Quite the contrary – research proves that it IS a better bonding experience.

The ad degrades attachment parenting, babywearing and moms.  Plus, it seems to ignore the potential issues associated with taking medication while breastfeeding.

And the second ad – if I speak my mind, I should be committed?  Are you really that insensitive to mothers? 

Trust me – you’ve pissed off a lot of consumers.  Women spend $0.85 of every dollar – and at least this blogging, twittering mama will not buy your products any longer.  And she’s telling some friends!


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