Going Green for Thanksgiving

Just wanted to share this short news clip on going green for Thanksgiving.  Yes, those are my kids.  Yes, I’m handwashing my dishes in that shot – using Dr. Bronner’s castile soap – rose.  We were actually doing a shot showing stacking the dishes in one part of the sink with water and soap to speed cleanup/save water ultimately, but, well, I’m not in control of editing.

So, The Smart Mama’s simple tips for a greener Thanksgiving:

  • Order an organic, free-range turkey.

  • Go local and organic for the ingredients for your dishes.  Check out what is in season in your area and serve dishes using those products.  As the clip points out, food can travel a long way.

  • Use real plates and cloth napkins.  Disposable utensils and plates burden our landfills and consume non-renewable resources. 

  • Make centerpieces from found items in nature, or re-use your Halloween pumpkins.

  • Choose beeswax or soy candles.  Skip candles with synthetic fragrance or made from petroleum.

  • Compost what you can.

  • Conserve water and energy when washing your dishes.  Most dishwashers are more energy efficient and water saving than handwashing.

  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean before the guests arrive and to cleanup after.  If you can, go with making your own from baking soda, liquid castile soap, etc. 

  • Have guests carpool or offset their travel.

  • Make sure you have toilet paper made from 100% post consumer paper.

  • Recycle what you can.

  • Store in glass and ceramic (lead free, of course).  Skip the plastic storage containers – they leach chemicals and are made from non-renewable resources.
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