The Upside of Dementia

This post is not my typical fare by any means. I apologize up front.

My 90 year old grandmother is in the hospital. Which is depressing because she has been very active and healthy for most of her life, really only slowing down at Christmas time last year. In February, we discovered why – my non smoking gran was diagnosed with lung cancer. And since then, it has been a pretty quick decline because she started evidencing signs of dementia.

It has been hard on my mom, who has served as her primary caregiver for the last couple of months, mostly because I think my mom refused to believe that my gran wouldn’t get better.

On Thursday, my gran was admitted to the ER after the doctor determined that she had had a stroke or her lung cancer had spread to her brain. We don’t know because my gran absolutely refuses to do a MRI.

So she is in the hospital. But she seems to be having a good time. She seems to think she is in a spa, albeit with crappy food. She thinks that she has had a facial. She wants to know when she will get her nails done. And she keeps ringing for the nurse, but calling her “Lady, lady” and asking her to take her for some treatment.


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