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As stated in my last post, I’m having a Twitter party to celebrate my book’s publication on June 26, 2009 and also the Ultimate Healthy Parenting Party on June 28, 2009, at The Pump Station in Santa Monica, California. I hope you will attend both! Both will feature awesome prizes, and I wanted to highlight some of the fabulous donors over the next couple of days.

Last post, I talked about Laundrytree and soapnuts, which I use to wash my clothes. Today I want to talk about pet toys. You may recall that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published a report that our pets have high body burdens of chemicals – even higher than we do. I don’t know about all of the chemicals, but I can tell you that when I tested our dog’s chew toys with my Niton XRF analyzer, I did find very elevated levels of lead. Which makes sense since polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic is often stabilized with lead.

carrot catnip toyIn any event, Purrfectplay has a solution. You can replace those contaminated vinyl, not ecofriendly chew toys with natural toys. Purrfect Play has some awesome pet toys.

Purrfectplay has donated a selection for the Twitter party and the Ultimate Healthy Parenting Party. For cats, Purrfect play has the Happy Carrot ($8.95), a catnip toy made from dye-free certified organic natural fibers and organic catnip. I don’t have a cat, but I think any cat would love this toy. Better for those kitties that hug and kick their toys is the Chubby Snake ($17.95) also made with certified organic fiber and stuffed with organic catnip and organic batting. We have a set for each party, and Purrfectplay has lots of other toys for cats too!

Purrfectplay also has some great toys for dogs. Purrfectplay has organic wool balls ($4.95 to $11.75) for dogs – easily machine washable. We’ve got a couple of balls for each event. Purrfectplay also has organic cotton tug toys (2 sizes) made of 100% dry-free certified organic cotton. This cotton is the pieces left over from a t-shirt manufacturer, so very eco-friendly. We have a large cotton tug toy (RV $16.95) to giveaway too!

Best yet, Purrfect play gives 5% of each sale to no-kill and rescue organizations! Go check them out if y ou have a pet.

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