Correction: Aluminum, Not Stainless Steel Straws at 7-11

Corrected: June 23, 2009

Quick post to let you know about an awesome deal at 7-11 stores. For slurpees, 7-11 has wide, aluminum (and not stainless steel as I originally posted) straws for $0.99. They are part of the Transformer promo glasses and straws, but they don’t have any Transformer logo stuff on them.

So, I was originally told that these were stainless steel by the manager at my local 7-11. I didn’t even think to question it, and of course I should have done so. I got a comment from a reader, and decided to test the straws using my Niton XRF analyzer. Yep, the straws come up as an aluminum alloy. So, I’ve emailed Slurpee to get the scoop, and find out if the aluminum is lined with an epoxy resin that contains bisphenol A. It doesn’t really make sense for the straws to be lined because they don’t store the liquid.

Assuming there is no bisphenol A, these can replace your disposable plastic straws, depending where you fall on aluminum. To be frank, I don’t think you are going to get much transfer to your liquid using an aluminum straw. But I also know that a lot people steer clear of aluminum.

If you are okay with aluminum, these wide straws are great – just perfect for smoothies. Also great for other drinks, but they are perfect for fruit smoothies. And, no plastic, no leaching of chemicals. Nothing to throw in the trash can – completely re-usable. So, stop using disposable plastic straws and replace them with these aluminum straws.

Don’t think plastic straws are all that significant? Consider that McDonald’s alone serves 52 million meals per day. How many of those meals come with disposable plastic straws do you think? Then consider all the other restaurants, all with disposable plastic straws. Consuming a non-renewable resource and ultimately choking our landfills and our oceans. Great Pacific Plastic Garbage Patch anybody?

These straws can be throw into the dishwasher so they are easy to keep clean.

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