The Smart Mama Toy Testing and Healthy Home and Nursery Consultation

Are you worried about toxic chemicals in your home? 

Are you trying to make your home healthy? 

Are you looking to identify potential toxic chemicals in the home?

Do you have questions you want answered about your children’s exposures to toxic chemicals? 

Do you wonder whether your child’s toys are contaminated with lead, chromium or cadmium?

Do you want to know if you can do anything to reduce toxic chemicals in your home? Do you want to make a “green” non-toxic nursery or home?

Let me help! 

I’m available for home, telephone or shopping consultations.  I can help you create a nursery that is less toxic and more green.  Why should your mattress contain flame retardants, your crib offgas formaldehyde or the mattress cover contain phthalates?  I can help identify non-toxic alternatives. 

Worried about your household cleaners and what is in your shampoo and other beauty products?  I can also help you decipher labels and go shopping to replace products. 

I can also show you how to make green cleaners or personal care products at home, or just help you figure out what is good about what you have.  Let me come to your house and we will make green cleaners together, or diaper cream, or even a personalized perfume free of phthalates!  I bring the materials to you!

Test for lead in toys!  I can test your child’s toys and other household goods for lead, cadmium, chromium and several other elements, including bromine as an indicator of flame retardants.  I use a portable Niton XRF analyzer (an xray fluorescence analyzer).  We can check the toy box!  To read more about how the toy testing works, please read here.  This service is also great for day cares and schools.  Plus, I can test toys by mail – it is a small charge.  Just contact me to discuss.

Home consultations in the Los Angeles area are $200 for 2 and 1/2 hours. 

Another option – put a group together – we can do a healthy home workshop or toy test party!  Here are some group options:

  • Ladies Green Night Out!  We can make our own perfume using organic essential oils.  You can have your own personalized scent, free of phthalates and synthetic ingredients.
  • Eco-mamas.  Wondering how to make your own diaper cream and diaper wipes – grab some other moms and I’ll show you how. 
  • Green your clean.  Want to green your cleaning – grab some like-minded folk and we will do that.  We can put together a variety of different cleaners and talk about the hazards associated with conventional cleaners. 
  • Toxic toy box.  Wondering whether your toy box is toxic?  I can test toys too using an XRF analyzer.  It will test for lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, bromine as a measure of flame retardants, chlorine as an indicator of PVC plastic and possibly phthalates, etc.

Some comments from happy clients:

On a Healthy Home Workshop:

I just wanted to give a shout out to Jennifer at TheSmartMama. She did an at home workshop for me and 8 friends last week and it was so informative. She had great handouts and answered all our questions.  She even checked out the ingredients in some of my stuff and used her lead reader to check my kids’ lunchboxes. If you know exactly what kind of questions you have and what you want to know more about- she will design a whole workshop around it. We did a basic overview because we were all pretty clueless. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know what a great resource she is.

Los Angeles mom, Whitney.

On a Healthy Home Workshop:

Whoa. I just hosted a workshop in my home tonight with Jennifer
Taggart about toxins in the home-cleaners,
drinking cups, shampoos etc.

I have read so many new books on going green and toxic stuff in your
makeup and cleaning supplies that its overwhelming. I’m tired of the
fear mongering and just want someone with a good brain and a science
background to save me the full time job of deciphering all those
contradictory studies out there and weeding through all the web stuff
you read on these topics.

Jennifer not only knows what’s green but what’s safe…As green gurus
go, she’s really moderate and educated and as skeptical as I am about
what she reads.

I learned a ton from her workshop. She even tested some of my dishes
and toys for lead on the spot. I recommend her heartily.

I can’t wait until her book comes out. She does in-home consults for
a fee. What we did was get a bunch of friends together to split the
cost and gave her a list of concerns to speak to. It was fabulous and
a great bargain because we could share the cost. If anyone wants to
have her speak, let me know because I want to hear her again.

Los Angeles mom and business owner, Kayla.

On a Healthy Home Workshop:

I attended this workshop and walked away feeling soooo lucky that Jennifer is available and shares her intensive knowledge with us.  I don’t know if all of us on PH realize what a tremendous resource Jennifer is to us and believe me, I don’t think that, after the cost of printing booklets for us (which really could be sold as books in and of themselves) and giving so much of her time that she really made a penny.  She just knows and cares so much about us and our children!

Los Angeles business owner, Joni.
On Consumer Product and Toy Testing:

Today Emily at Eden’s Closet hosted a free toy (and makeup) testing by “TheSmartMama” aka Jennifer Taggart. It was excellent. Jennifer (an environmental engineer) spent a lot of time testing a number of my son’s toys (she discovered one had way over the acceptable limit in ARSENIC!). Very knowledgeable — and comes to your home! A big thank you to Emily and Jennifer…

Los Angeles mom, Myra.

On a Healthy Home Consult:

I had Jennifer (the smart mama) come to my house last week to test my
children’s toys for lead, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals. She
tested my daughter’s bed as well, and we talked about easy ways to
further make my home ‘green’.

She is friendly and easy-going, and it was a joy to work with her.

I was so pleased, I just had to tell everyone.

Los Angeles mom, Caroline.

On a Healthy Home Consult:

I just had a consult with Jennifer Taggart, The Smart Mama, and I am so surprised that the drawer liners for my daughter’s dresser had an abundance of lead in them . . . and so many other things I would have never expected!!  I just moved into an older home that had been renovated so I wanted her to test many areas of the house.  What an incredibly valuable service she provides!! I wish I had done it sooner, as awareness is half the battle.  I cannot recommend her enough!!  Thanks again to peachhead for helping me to lear about so many things through so many wonderful people!!


Los Angeles mom Jennifer.

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