How to Participate in a Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a real-time conversation on Twitter on a certain date, at a certain time, using a specified hashtag. Basically, it is like-minded people tweeting (that is, talking) about the same thing at the same time. That’s it.

First, to join a Twitter party, you need a Twitter account. So, if you don’t have one, go sign up for one.

 Then, during the Twitter party time, just join in the conversation. You don’t need an invitation to join a Twitter party – Twitter is an open, public forum. However, some Twitter parties require you to RSVP in order to be eligible to win prizes. Usually, that information will be tweeted.

Also, make sure to use the specified hashtag to mark  your conversation as part of the Twitter party. The hashtag is a word or saying with the pound symbol “#” in front of it – so the EcoWed Twitter parties use the hashtag #ecowed.

Now, if the Twitter party is hosted, be sure to follow your host or hostess. To see what everybody is talking about, you can use Twitter’s search feature with the hashtag (that is one of the reasons to use the hashtag). You can also use a program specifically designed for Twitter – like TweetChat, Tweetdeck or Tweetgrid.

For some Twitter party etiquette, keep in mind that it is a conversation. Just like at a cocktail party, you don’t want to be the party-goer that only talks about herself. Or only promotes herself. Also, if the party is sponsored – which usually means that a company or organization has paid the host or hostess or given him or her some consideration – then really don’t spend all your timepromoting your products or services.

That’s it. Hope to tweet with you at an #ecowed Twitter party.

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  1. Thanks for the really excellent tips on attending a Twitter Party. I’ve tried to explain how it works, but from now on I’ll just refer them here. 🙂


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