From Martha Stewart Radio: Removing Stains from Corian

white corian sinkWoot! I am excited – I was on Martha Stewart Radio this morning. I’ve loved Martha Stewart Living magazine for years, and was just thrilled to be on the radio show this morning on homemade cleaning.

But then I got a call that stumped me.

A caller asked how to get stains out of her white Corian sink, indicating that my trusted remedy of baking soda and castile soap had failed. Since baking soda and castile soap substitutes for a soft scrub, I was surprised. And since I don’t have any Corian surfaces, I haven’t experimented.

And I didn’t know the answer. Which frustrates my Type A personality. So, I did some research, and most recommendations are for a soft scrub and, if that doesn’t work, a bleach based solution. Another popular recommendation is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. But the caller wanted some more environmentally friendly and less toxic. I’ve come up with two solutions that are more eco-friendly than conventional cleaners:

1. Use a paste of baking soda and 3% solution hydrogen peroxide (what you find in most stores). Mix this up – you can even do it in the sink itself – and then let sit, covered, for a few hours. The recommendation is to cover with plastic wrap, but since I hate plastic wrap, perhaps just try a rag. After a few hours, just rinse clean.

2. If that doesn’t work, fill the sink with water and drop a couple of denture cleaning tables in. Again, let sit for a few hours.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser may also be a solution. Many people swear it is the best thing for getting stains out. Here’s the thing. It is made up of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. Although that sounds scary, the ingredients are basically all bound up in the polymer, and you really aren’t going to get exposure to anything offgassing like you might most conventional cleaners. It is hazardous if ingested. The reason I don’t like it is because it is a petrochemical based foam, and isn’t good for the environment – uses non renewable resources and clogs up the landfills. But in terms of a home’s indoor air quality, it shouldn’t affect it (any formaldehyde would be minute).

Anybody else have solutions for a white Corian sink stained with coffee?

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  1. I found this while googling this very question and I’m so glad it came up! I did the baking soda/peroxide treatment on my sink before bed last night and just let it sit all night. I didn’t bother with the cover. This morning, it is a HUGE improvement, and I think with one or two more treatments, it will look great again. Thank you!

  2. I bought Soft Scrub to try and clean my white corian sink. It wasn’t until I started to squeeze it out that I realized I had bought the one with bleach. It did a great job on it. First time in years my white corian sink was white again.

  3. I wondered if there are any other suggestions, since Corian is so popular. I have a new sink in my 5th wheel and want to keep it white! I’m not able to use any bleach solution because of the storage tanks and that would kill the good bacteria. Thanks.

  4. Donna Moore says:

    I have green stain all over corian bathroom countertop from liquid hand soap that leaked out of bottle and drained to back of countertop. Nothing seems to remove it.

  5. When the stains are HORRIBLE I lay a few layers of paper towel (white, of course) in the sink and saturate with peroxide. Let it sit overnight. Right now I am letting it sit in Soft Scrub with bleach — that seems to work also.. The trick is to rinse the sink EVERY time something gets into the sink — something most HUSBANDS don’t do!!!! I wish there was some type of sealer for Corian — love the material – hate the stains!!

  6. Use toothpaste. I rinsed new jeans in Corian sink….NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME….I had blue sink….brand new Corian sink. The toothpaste worked! bleach didn’t work (FYI)

  7. I just add some Clorox to water and fill the sink…and soak for few hours…..then drain and rinse

  8. Try Bar Keepers friend – I have been successfully using for several years as when the new kitchen was installed I was told never to use bleach!

  9. Birgit Peschutter says:

    While I have used Mr Clean Magic Earaser to clean most stains, there is one that I cannot get out. I have a while corian countertop that has yellowed under my canisters and under my dish drying towel. I am stumped.
    Any suggestions?

  10. I have a cream colored corian sink that constantly has coffee among other things poured in it daily without rinsing. needless to say my sink looks terrible after awhile. The ONLY thing that works is baking soda, vinegar & peroxide. I sprinkle with baking soda & spritz just enough vinegar to make it into a paste consistency. I cover the entire area with the paste & let it sit for a couple days. I usually spritz vinegar on every so often as I walk by. On the 2nd day I spritz the peroxide on several times theoughout the day. You can actually see the sink lightening up! I then lightly scrub it with my dish brush or non-scratch sponge & rinse. It’s absolutely amazing how great this process works with little scrubbing effort. It hasn’t failed me yet!

  11. I have Modge Podge on my carmel flecked kitchen Corian. What can I use to remove it?


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