#EcoWed Twitter Party with ecomom – Uncovering Spring Beauty: Restoring Winter Skin

This Wednesday’s #ecowed Twitter party will be fabulous! Our wonderful sponsor is ecomom. And, just so you all know, we are going to have 4 #ecowed Twitter parties in a row sponsored by ecomom because ecomom has launched a contest to win a $75,000 healthy home makeover!

That’s right – a $75,000 ecomom healthy home makeover! Go check it out and enter to win.

Our first ecomom #ecowed Twitter party in this series is this Wednesday, March 30, 2011, from 7 to 8 pm Pacific (that’s 10 to 11 pm for you on Eastern time). We will be talking Uncovering Spring Beauty: Restoring Winter Skin with guest experts Kim Walls, MS and Sara Snow. I don’t know about you, by my skin suffers during the cold and windy weather, especially when you add in the dry air of indoor heating. With the advent of spring (although we just  had a series of cold winter-like rain storms here in Los Angeles), I would like to uncover some Spring beauty (actually, any beauty at all but that is an entirely different story) . . .

If you aren’t familiar with ecomom, then you really, really should go check out the website. ecomom has everything a green mama could want, and then some. Really – go check it out. And also check out the ecomom blog.

Kim Walls is the CEO of Episencial and creator of the Epicuren Baby and Episencial skin care products. She is also one of my favorite people to discuss ingredients. She knows everything, and gets into the nuances of petroleum based ingredients versus petroleum processing just like I do. We can talk fragrance components for hours. I’m so happy to have her as our guest expert as we discuss spring beauty and restoring winter skin. 

Sara Snow understands healthy and natural living and it is her mission to impart that knowledge and experience. She is an author, speaker and Discovery Channel television host. Her book Sara Snow’s Fresh Living: The Essential Room-by-Room Guide to a Greener, Healthier Family and Home provides information on not only how but why to live green. She is also a mom.

And we’ve got fabulous prizes. Episencial has donated 3 Summer Skincare Kits. And our sponsor, ecomom, has donated 3 $20 gift certificates to ecomom.com and a grand prize $100 gift certificate to ecomom.com. That’s right – a $100 gift certificate to spend at ecomom.com for our grand prize.

To win a prize, you MUST leave a comment on this blog AND participate in the Twitter party using the hashtag #ecowed. For you comment, just tell us what you would like to talk about to uncover your spring beauty and beat those winter blahs or ask a question of our guest experts, Kim Walls and Sara Snow. To participate in the Twitter party, make sure you join us from 7 to 8 pm Pacific on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, and use the #ecowed hashtag. Follow me, @thesmartmama, and also @ecomom, @ecomomkimberly, @episencial and @sarasnow. If you don’t know how to participate in a Twitter party, just read this handy guide.

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  1. I’ll be there, just getting back from my trip to NYC so hopefully I’ll be on the party that nightn

  2. We have more sun than most here in FL, but its getting much stronger as the seasons change and I’d love to talk about safe sunscreens (and the newest formulations on the market), so we can be active in making the environment around our toddler a safer one!

  3. We have more sun than most here in FL, but its getting much stronger as the seasons change and I’d love to talk about safe sunscreens (and the newest formulations on the market), so we can be active in making the environment around our toddler a safer one!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I plan on being there – it will be my first ecowed twitter party.

  5. Count me in. I am writing a blog post on saving the skin in Spring – great timing!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be there. I am looking for a green safe alternative to hair spray. My Daughter is in Irish dance and for shows she must have her hair up in curlers. To get it to stick my wife uses hair spray. The only positive is that it isn’t an aerosol. The bad is it smells so chemically that when she joined us in the middle of the night I had to roll over to face away from her due to the smell. Fortunately she only has 2-3 shows a year to do but still I would like to find something better. Thanks.

  7. I’ll try to be there…love Ecomom!

  8. Islandgrlcoconut says:

    see you there!!

  9. Look forward to being there!

  10. Wow, sounds like so much fun. I have to check this out.

  11. Sound like fun!

  12. I’ll be there

  13. Gethealthymomma says:

    I’ll be there! I’m looking for a safe sunscreen and am very interested in hearing what everyOne has to say! Thanks!

  14. Will be there @UnKatchable73

  15. Baby girl is finally on a good sleep schedule, so I think I’ll be able to participate again! So excited! @travelingpumper

  16. Baby girl is finally on a good sleep schedule, so I think I’ll be able to participate again! So excited! @travelingpumper

  17. I’d love hear about safe sunscreens. My families outdoors a lot during summer.nThanks,n@Sheilaw9

  18. I like to get a massage to beat the winter blues.

  19. Condoblues says:

    I’ll be there!

  20. This will be my first #ecowed twitter party — my seven month old son is a red head with blue eyes (other two kids are dark haired, dark eyed — so are we) and even fairer than I am. I want to know the best way to protect his skin this summer. We just bough Episencial’s sunscreen and love it!

  21. II’ll be there

  22. II’ll be there

  23. clothworksca says:

    I’ll be there-nothing like a twitter party to distract from taxes LOL . I’m looking for alternatives or healthier options for hairspray, shampoo, and conditioner, every time I find a product that I’m happy with they discontinue it and then I start over. Currently, I strongly dislike my shampoo and conditioner. blahhhh.

  24. Wendykate says:

    RSVPing! This spring, I’d like to green my makeup and find the hardest thing of all for me – a green, safe deodorant!

  25. Mommy Footprint says:

    Mommy Footprint is here and so glad to participate in #ecowed!

  26. Wow, this sounds wonderful, great! I’m a greenie all the way and I love these great ideas! I love the #ecowed chat too! It’s 1 of my fave twitter nights of the week! :o) Go green and organic all the way! :o) <3

  27. @giveawaytrain

  28. Suelynn1956 says:

    @suelynn1956 I will come

  29. Momofbestbaby says:

    Joanne Smith

  30. Jessica The Leaky Boob says:

    Fascinated and looking forward to learning some things tonight!

  31. After dodging acne during my teenage years, I am now battling adult acne. I do my best to wash every nite & morning along with using a moisturizer. Is there anything else I can do to decrease the pimples (bleh)?nn@Greek_Momma

  32. Yolisekhmet says:

    I’d like winter to go away in nyc to uncover my spring beauty

  33. @samke23 says:

    I agree with some of those below. I am allergic to the sun, but all the sunscreens I wear are obvious – the smell.

  34. I need tips for oily skin.nnRSVPnn@bctripletmomn@bctripletmommyn@bctripletmama

  35. Sunscreen discussion would be great for tonightn@OhioCatfish

  36. Oh how I long for spring!!! I have a bad case of cabin fever! LOL nRSVP as @ChaCha572

  37. Problemsolvinmom says:

    @psmom I need to get my dry and cracking hands back in good shape for gardening and just so they don’t drive me nuts 🙂

  38. My daughter invited me to join in tonight! Looking forward to being a part of your twitter party.

  39. Someone_wonderful says:

    I’ll be here! looking forward to finding out how to get my skin glowing in the spring without all the harsh chemicals! @krystal_osmond is my twitter handle

  40. @lovinmomma8 says:

    so there!

  41. No oxybenzone!nnAlso:nnhttp://www.ewg.org/healthyhometips/ingredientsinpersonalcareproducts#howtoreadlabel

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