#ecowed Twitter party with ecomom – Getting Organized!!

Get ready for yet another fabulous #ecowed Twitter party with sponsor ecomom.com. This Wednesday, April 13, 2011, from 7 to 8 pm Pacific time, we will be tweeting with @ecomom and our guest experts about organization!

Okay, so getting organized is always a hot topic. How does a busy family do it? Don’t you envy those families that never seem to forget anything? I do. But every time I try to get organized, I feel overwhelmed. And I feel frustrated because all of the organizing storage bins and similar items are made of plastic.

But, ecomom.com does have some options, such as the Way Basics Storage Cube. Or check out the Way Basics Tribeca Bookcase. It is made of zboard, which is made from 99% post consumer recycled paper and is lighter to ship than particle board so reduced energy consumption in the shipping. And no formaldehyde like particle board.

Plus, organizing isn’t just getting all of our stuff put away. I also need to organize the communications with my kids’ school, their sport teams, etc. And that is where one of our guest experts comes in. Guest expert Aparna Vasshisht-Rota is the founder of Parentella.com, a private parent-teacher social network. It is designed to improve communications between teachers, parents, and room parents. It is a lot better (and more greener) than send home notes!

We will also be joined by guest expert Molly Gold, present and founder of GO MOM! Inc. Molly Gold is a lifestyle media expert, spokesperson, communications consultant, consumer productsd specialist and online media mom.

So let’s talk tips and strategies for organization. Join us at the #ecowed Twitter party, 4/13, from 7 to 8 pm Pacific. Don’t forget to follow @thesmartmama, our sponsor @ecomom and @ecomomkimberly, and our guest experts, @parentella and @myGOMOM.

And we’ve got prizes. This week, we will be picking prizes only from those that participate in the #ecowed Twitter party using the #ecowed hashtag. It will be random draws from the participants and perhaps those answering questions. We’ve got three (3) $25 gift certificates to ecomom.com and a grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to ecomom.com. So join us for #ecowed, 4/13, from 7 to 8 pm Pacific.

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