Cleaning the Garbage Disposal – Vinegar Ice Cubes

As summer approaches (although this weather makes me wonder if summer is actually coming), one of the things I don’t like is those pesky fruit gnats. And I really hate when they get in the garbage disposal.

(Here’s a tip – if you don’t know whether they are in your garbage disposal, just cover the opening with some natural waxed paper, weighting down the edges. You’ll seem them collect on the waxed paper after a couple of hours.)

Fruit gnats love to feed on fruits and veggies – paticularly if they are rotting. Clean out your fruit bowl and wipe it down to get rid of their buffet. But even this may not eliminate them if they are in your garbage disposal.¬†They can get in the garbage disposal if there is food bits collected, particularly if food is stuck on the “blades” of the garbage disposal. A bit of lemon or orange peel can freshen the disposal, but peel isn’t that effective at getting food off of the blades.

What can get the food off of the blades are vinegar ice cubes. Just put 1 cup vinegar in an ice cube tray and fill the balance with water. Freeze. Once frozen, pop a few cubes down the disposal and let it run. The vinegar ice cubes should take any food stuck on the blades off. Voila!

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