Citizens for Health Launches New Website FoodIdentityTheft.Com

I received a PR pitch today from a company representing the national non profit Citizens for Health touting a newly launched website,, targeting deceptive packaging on food. And while I was a bit bummed I didn’t get the same pitch as The Bloggess, I did want to let you know about the new website. It is another resource to keep us informed about deceptive or misleading food labels. So go check it out.

Right now, the website is focused on issues involving high fructose corn syrup, products that call themselves “Blueberry” but contain no blueberries and misleading labels involving tomato products. The primary focus is on the efforts of the Corn Refiners to change the name of High Fructose Corn Syrup to corn sugar to make it sound better, but the website promises to address other deceptive food labeling issues. I found the blog posts the most interesting, particularly the blog post entitled Fresh isn’t alway what you think it is . . .

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