Bah humbug to America Recycles Day – Make it Zero Waste Day Instead

Today is America Recycles Day – November, 15. And just like the pinkwashing fever during October due to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, America Recycles Day brings out the grinch in me.

I say bah humbug.

No doubt recycling has benefits. But, it is vastly superior to eliminate waste in the first place. Or as much waste as possible. Instead of recycling a plastic bottle, skip the plastic bottle entirely and use a re-usable stainless steel bottle. Instead of choosing a paper or plastic bag and recycling either one of them, use reusable shopping bags at the store. Instead of using disposable plates for a party that are made out of 20% corn or post content recycled material or something, use the ceramic or glass plates you have. Instead of take out food containers, bring your own containers – many restaurants will use them (if you aren’t brown-bagging that lunch).

A day that makes you feel good about creating waste is not a day to celebrate. Not at all.

Just look at the sponsors of America Recycles Day – Waste Management (no vested interested there), Nestle Waters (boo), and others. C’mon – I mean really. A bottled water company sponsoring America Recycles Day? Get real.

What it should be is zero waste day. I agree with TreeHugger. I’m not buying a single disposable item today – what about you?

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  1. I am right there with you-Zero Waste Day it was! Hard to support a day sponsored by so many with a clear vested interest in plastic, plastic, plastic.

  2. Mmahboubian says:

    We’re also taking the next step at my daughter’s school to make all of our events “Zero Waste”. Here’s a link to the upcoming zero waste Elves Faire this weekend where many of the items for sale have been lovingly made by us parents! You will also get to see our dumpster diving Trash Fairies sorting compostables from trash.n

  3. I agree! My grandparents used everything and had little. Both sets of my GP were farmers and they all had a love and understanding of how our planet works and the abundance Mother Earth is willing to give to us if we just take care of her. I wish I had all their wisdom. Thanks for your blog I enjoyed visiting. 🙂 joyce

  4. I agree too! This was an awesome tree-saving day! I didn’t buy a single thing that isn’t organic or reusable. I convinced a few of my friends to do it as well! It was great. I think I’m going to do it monthly instead of waiting for the one day holiday to come around every year. Anyone with me?!nn

  5. Gabrielle says:

    I agree with Zero Waste Day. I just had an idea about ZWD. I really want to create change, right? Then I’m gonna do two ZWD in December, then three in January, four in February, etc. until I make this a consistent daily practice. One day a year seems like a meager reminder of our responsibility towards ourself, our family, our community, up to our Mama Earth.

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