A Schleich Mommy Party & Giveaway

If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I rarely do reviews. But when I was asked if I wanted to participate in  Schleich mommy party by MomSelect, I said yes. I’ll explain why in a second, but before I do, I want to disclose that I participated through MomSelect and Schleich generously donated a Party Pack to the party, which included many figurines to the party, as well as coloring sheets, keyrings with tiny pig figurines, and a Shadow Rock playset.

Okay, so why did I agree even though pushing product is inconsistent with my green message? Because my kids love the Schleich figures and playsets, and I love the imaginative play that they engage in when playing with Schleich. I love that the products aren’t tied to a move or cartoon character. Simple as that.

The Schleich figures are plastic, so they aren’t as environmentally-friendly as some toys. But they are free of hormone-disrupting phthalates and have been since 2000. Also, they paints they use are free of lead, and of the 200 or so figures I have personally tested using XRF, I haven’t detected lead.

Schleich has figures to satisfy and please almost any child. My son loved the dinosaurs when he was younger. My horse crazy daughter of course loves the realistic horses.

So I agreed to host a Schleich mommy party. While I had though 10 kids were showing up, I ended up with 22, so I didn’t get a lot of pictures at the beginning as I tried to regroup and make sure I had enough for everybody.

My daughter’s friends (mostly 4, 5 and 6) loved the horses and farm and wild animals the most.  Schleich provided some horses, some wild animals and some domestic farm animals. They spent almost 2 hours happily playing a variety of games – from having the animals act like a family, to going to the vet, to having school lessons.

My son’s friends (mostly 7 and 8) gravitated towards the Bayala figures, and set up a very intricate “war” scene with my son’s soldiers on one side and the Bayala figures on the other. From what I could tell, it seem to be derived from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Since the party, my daughter has expressed quiet an interest in the gentler Bayala figures, particularly the unicorns and pink/purple fairies. We saw the Schleich display at Target, and she asked for every gentle Bayala figure for Christmas. And she wants the Elf boat and Floral Umbrella she saw in the Schleich catalog.

So, what can I say? With the Switch Witch coming on 10/31, and the holiday season fast approaching, the Schleich figures are a great option to encourage imaginative play. The Bayala figures allow for imaginative play that fits in with contemporary cartoons/movies but doesn’t box kids in to a set storyline. The farm animals and wild animals are great for any child. There are vehicles and people and almost anything you can imagine. The price point is consistent with how well the figures last and how detailed they are.

And, best of all, you can win a figure just by leaving a comment below. I’ll randomly pick from the coments left a winner on November 11. The contest is open until 11:59 pm on November 10, 2010 (Pacific time). The winner can pick from the category of a farm animal or wild animal or Bayala figure (just one figure – I select what it is from the category). Open to US and Canadian residents only.

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  1. My daughter has some Schleich farm animals and I believe some princesses or fairies but it would great to have one for my son! My favorite thing about them is the detail. The cow and pig we have has udders and nipples!

  2. DianaCoote says:

    We love Schleich figurines! The detail is wonderful and I (like Danielle) love how realistic they are. My daughter loves the dinosaurs and the wild animals, particularly the wild cats. My son gravitates to the dogs. I haven’t seen one that I don’t like. What a wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  3. My daughter loves the Schleich Animals. We have a local store that carries mostly just the farm ones, and she loves to pick out a new one every time we go to the store. Also she loves the wild animals, all of them have to be either a mommy, daddy or baby. She even sleeps with them. As a mom I love them since they aren’t very large and don’t cost a lot.

  4. My daughter is drawn to them, too. I’ve avoided them because of the plastic, but I love what you said about not being movie characters. I particularly love all the fairies. The detail is just amazing.

  5. We really like the Schleich figurines, too. We have some of the farm animals and a few dinosaurs. I love that there is such a variety of animal life represented — my eldest son is a big animal lover — and that the toys have heft and substance.

  6. oskargeorge says:

    Though we prefer to live more Steiner ways, we have loved Schleich figures since my daughter was little. She still loves them and is 7 1/2. I have another daughter that is just now getting into them and they love to build houses for the families, the mom, dad, and siblings! I have observed that little girls are either obsessed with babies or animals, my girls love animals! They have been great bday pressents and stocking stuffers in this household! Great company, thank you!

  7. ok…the synchronicity is uncanny, today for the very first time (with my daughter & grandaughter~2 yrs) we stopped by the schleich display at target!! we went up and down all of the toy aisles, and the ‘liitle one’ (gabriella) loved all of the toy story characters, but the animals by schleich completely captivated her attention for 25 minutes!! soooo much play value and now that i know that schleich is ‘clean&green’ i am going to start buying these for all of the kids. as a former pre-school teacher/owner i know (toooo well) the value of the imagination…and schleich fits-the-bill in creative play!! xxxxxxxxxu2665

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  9. Jennifer Oswald says:

    Just stumbled on your website today while looking up info on Mrs. Meyers cleaning products and am quite happy to have found you. Never even heard of the Schleich products until now, but I like the non-cartoon character vibe to them. My husband has to travel to Africa every few months, so these are right up our alley. The only close eco-friendly animal toys that we have liked are the Anamalz (http://www.anamalz.com/). They used to be sold at Target, but the store dropped the line about 2 years ago…NO idea why! Glad to find a line that is more realistic and made for quality. Thank you!

  10. Just found your website and I love it. Thanks for all the info. nAli

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  12. Here is more info in Schleich and the materials they use. TThey are really safe for kids.


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